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Because the night is dark and full of terrors, and winter is coming.

No, really. Hunting and gathering is fine in the spring, summer, autumn. Then comes winter, and unless you're a bear who can sleep it off, you need to have prepared for it extensively. You need heat (so, lotsa wood that you don't have to go gather in the freezing cold), and you need food because everything around you is dead and most of the animals are gone south, sleeping in caves or buried under the snow. And if you go looking for them you'll catch your death - quite literally. Also, because the days are shorter in winter, you can't hunt long distances any more as you have to find shelter or go back to the village sooner ; and you might also get stuck by the weather.
So you need a spring/summer/autumn activity that generates a surplus of food ; and food that keeps (which fresh fruit & berries isn't). Farming grain is the perfect answer to that problem.

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