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It's also interesting to note that, while winter has long been a source of utter dread for mankind (as evidenced by myths, legends and rituals - we don't celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, I mean the birth of baby Jesus, for nothing) the most difficult period in purely agrarian societies is... dammit, what's the English word for soudure, do you even have one ? Anyway, it's spring/early summer (late Feb to early May), when the reserves from last year start running short but the new harvest's not in yet.

But in that period, well, you *can* supplement your diet with gathering and hunting/fishing - and so even though lean years and famines around that time have been a very regular staple throughout recorded history, it hasn't become a central cultural or religious focus of doom and gloom like winter used to be - to the point that English might not even have a bloody word for it that I can find .