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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
I heard that initially hunting and gathering expended less energy, which makes me wonder why people would pick up farming if the alternative was less energy consuming?
There are several reasons, one of them was constant hunger and chasing your next meal.
Also, if you liked a place, you had to move on again to find food again.

Once they figured out that you can purposely plant and grow food reliably in one place- it made life that much easier - you could actually own stuff and keep more than you could carry with you on your back, since cars and airplanes was not an option.

After you found a place, where you could grow this magic food out of the ground and had your base established you could gather some wood over the year for the cold times in the winter, which made them cold evenings much more comfortable.

With this more reliable form of food supply, your children had a better chance of survival.