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Why did humans start farming?

Poop and Garbage.

They discovered volunteer plants growing in their refuse piles and started to help them along. They could have the berries they picked last summer, 10 miles away, growing right at their base camp without having to go 10 miles again. They set up their base camp, or village in places that would allow them to winter over. Water, some game, maybe a fish run. And there were also technological reasons to just sit the winter out. This was the time when new baskets, leather goods, weapons like spears and arrows will be replenished for the coming spring. And of course this time allowed for the passage of information between the older and younger members of the tribal group, and for trading with nearby tribal groups, and the artwork associated with their mythology. The cedar plank long houses of the Pacific NW first nations is a good example of this.

It was covered in 'Guns, Germs and Steel' by Jared Diamond. A generally informative book that placed a little too much emphasis on his experiences in the South Pacific, but still a good read.

"Poop and Garbage" would probably not have sold as many copies.

And once some wet old grain became beer, Brew Pubs were born, and are still prolific to this very day.