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Originally Posted by Crane View Post
Here in the American Southwest agriculture existed within 'hunter gatherer' societies. During the Archaic (4000 to 12000 years ago) small groups lived sedentary lives around shallow lakes. Large prey like Mammoths were abundant in the marshy shorelines. Agricultural was an integral food source using native plants and products brought north from Mexico. As the late ice age climate continued to warm, the large prey animals died off and the economy slowly shifted toward agriculture.

The process did not involve a decision.

I think you have the times out of wack - mastodons and mammoths were extinct by the Archaic (which is more like 8500-1800 years ago). And agriculture - it wasn't at the same time as mammoths, it's only from 2500 BCE onwards. There's a lot of time between those two subsistence lifeways.