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Hungry gap ( Look at the lower left corner, the Franšais link takes you to "soudure" (which I've only ever associated with welding, sti)

It's the gap in which you're hungry so English calls it the hungry gap. There!

Darkest before dawn: We also find this in terms of temperature, both within a day and within a year. The coldest days of the year are not usually the days with the shortest days (in December) but rather in January and February. In the same way, we intuitively expect noon to be the hottest part of the day but the warmest part of the day is usually in the mid-afternoon. We expect midnight to be the coldest but the coldest to be around sunrise.

Our minds tend to confuse rates of change with stored amounts. I.e.: We expect that since noon is the time the sun transmits the most energy, it should be the hottest but we don't intuitively take into account that heat builds up through the afternoon and 3PM may be hotter than noon even if the sun transmits less energy at 3PM than at noon. The same thing happens with January and February being coldest even if their days are longer than in December. Or land fertility and stored food.

It all comes down to rates of energy transfer and stores of energy.

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