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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
I don't think you understand the difference between a reason and a good reason. Something does not have to be a good reason to be a reason.
You are conflating a cause with a consequence. Those things were not what caused humans to start farming-- they are consequences that occurred long after farming had begun.

Farming does provide higher-quality, tastier food than scavenging or hunting. The fact that you lecture/dismiss that as "luxury" doesn't change the fact that it is an actual, real, motive and reason to farm rather than scavenge.
Not necessarily. Farming usually provides higher quantities of food, but farming societies can end up with poorer nutrition due to over-emphasis on stable crops like wheat or rice. "Taste" is subjective, so let's just throw that one out on that basis alone. Farming took off because it turned out to be a more reliable means of providing food for larger populations. We don't have any evidence that it did so because mush tasted better than venison and berries.