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11.3 - The Time Travelers

Film : The Time Travelers
Episode : 200 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 016

Film Synopsis : Three scientists and a janitor are thrust into a post-apocalyptic future after their experiment makes a better time-door than a time-window. Freaky future humanity has really odd taste in androids and is planning to abandon Earth, but their plan goes up in smoke and they're forced to use a reconstructed time portal to escape with our protagonists, even further into the future.

Series and Episode Thoughts : There are a few series of riffs that feel rushed, but the pacing is better. I am enjoying Kinga's refrain, "the nightmare-fueled world of ..." This episode has an appropriate amount of screen interaction gags, I believe. Crow and Tom retain their fascination for human female flesh, and it's pretty funny.

Important Stuff : In the closing host segment, Kinga acknowledges the show's 200th episode.

HS 1 : Jonah and the Bots play 'Never Did I Ever'. The Bots win.

Invention Exchange : Crow invents Edible Silica Packets; Kinga and Max present Afterlife Alert.

HS 2 : Gypsy conducts a time portal safety drill. Crow seems on-board, right up until he goes Hitler-hunting on his dinosaur.

HS 3 : Jonah presents some new Bots .. who are just decoys to let Tom and Crow work out their frustrations.

HS 4 : A visit from Dr. Varno and Larry, from the movie - played by the new head writer, and Joel.

HS 5 : Crow and Tom interact with their frozen past selves, timelines out of synch. Tom, predictably, kisses himself, while Crow beats himself up.

Memorable Riffs :

Gypsy : "Rip Torn IS Dr. Strange!"

Jonah : "The beats are too sick! You gotta bring in the drop!"

Jonah : "I refuse to believe the future is in SD."

Tom : "When did this change from a movie to a training video for a job that doesn't exist?"

FutureLady : "What do you think of our Lumichord?"
Crow (as Danny) : "It Stinks!" - Classic Riff. Though they missed a golden opportunity for an "I thought you were Dale!" a few minutes later.

Jonah : "I WILL kill him!" - Classic Riff.

Crow : "Wait, did the movie just lap itself?"

Kickstarter Backers : Up to Dan Peterson.

Stinger : Danny the Janitor enjoys a Lumichord performance.