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I totally forgot Return of MST3K was on Netflix and came across it by accident. By chance, I watched the 1st three eps, as outlined here. Thanks for pointing out the Joel Hodgson cameos. I couldn't tell when he actually appeared. Who's Ardy?

I like the new show, and didn't expect it to reproduce the old cast, so the new voices for the robots don't bother me. They're still just as caustic and irreverent as ever. Tom Servo can now fly up to parts of the screen for interactive purposes, like the way he helped straighten out the Time Traveler colony ship. Jonah has the same spirit as his predecessors, and if anything he's more enthusiastic about his role. I liked the diagrams and standups he used, especially for the Reptilicus rap, as well as the map that explained how the cast managed to jump from scene to scene so quickly.

Good to see Patton Oswalt as Max, TV's son of TV's Frank, even if he does somehow manage to guest star in every show possible. I thought the new Evil Dr. Forrester was kind of weak, but I'm willing to cut her some slack. Mary Jo Pehl has some big stiletto boots to fill.