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Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
If the Earth were not flat, the pilot would have to keep changing the attitude (dip the nose) to adjust for the curvature, which should show up on the level.
Thats so mental.

The airplane doesn't fly down its axis exactly, its not like a car...

well cars drift, so they don't even go straight.. well there is no front wheel that is "straight" as the front tyres are toed in, so its the average of the tyres, and the toe is set only somewhat close to being even, so the average isn't quite the direction either.

Same with the plane, if they put the brakes on, they pitch UP... so up can mean down anyway.

The spirit level is in no way accurate enough to show the variation between the pitch for a very slow ascent and a very slow descent anyway.

Why is someone so out of their element in declaring their belief in a flat earth ?
And how the hell do they explain circumnavigations of the earth ???

I think its more of a social thing.. there's this thing called "contrarian". They say that the authorities are wrong on everything. you know, water is a gas and glass is ionic. they tell you 1+1=3 the second after the government said 1+1=2

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