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Originally Posted by Weisshund View Post

Tell the moron that if you tie a toy plane to a string by the landing gear and spin it around in a circle, the plane will always remain level with relative to the center of the circle, it will be RELEVELING itself constantly every point of the way so to speak.

And it is traveling a ROUND path, not FLAT.

The real plane tracks its attitude using a string called gravity, which pulls towards...

wait for it The center of the round earth.

If you have the plane follow a laser beam, which has no normal choice but to be straight, the plane will fly off into space (granting said plane has the engines to do so)

Im old and tired and worked all day, if i can grasp that concept...
... well i will let you guys pick a catch phrase.

I'm heading for a nap on my flat bed on the round earth.
Yet wherever you position your bed on this so-called 'round earth' it remains flat!!!

I'll bet if you had a spirit level in there with you it would show exactly the same thing.