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Originally Posted by Saint Cad View Post
But then I read this quote from the guy in the video

Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Flat Earth Idiot
The bubble doesn’t stay centered due to gravity. Understand that gravity is a still just a theory. Consider how gravity supposedly comes about…a molten metal core which somehow becomes magnetized. If that is the case, then metal foundries should all be magnetized…should they not? Also, how does magnetism effect an air bubble inside a glass cylinder containing a liquid more saline than water?
Wait what?
Molten core is Yes, how we generate a magnetic field that saves us from being microwaved, but it has little to do with gravity.
If our core cooled and went solid, we might all be fried alive by radiation, but no one would float off the earth

Mars has gravity, it has no molten core it went solid eons ago, same with the moon.
Any object of sufficient mass will display appreciable gravity, even a cosmic ball of play-doh.

And a flat earth can not have a molten core, not the way the explain it existing

And iron foundries do generate magnetic fields.

And magnetism does not affect the bubble (Not in the sense of what this guy is saying)
The "Theoretical" gravity does.

Im not sure if these people are frustrating or funny?