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[music]Here in the big beer-drinkin' brotherhood of Hamm's![/music]

They had cartoon bears first (in my recollection anyway). One of them changed the second E in "beer" on a Hamm's billboard to an A. They were fun commercials. I liked them just fine.

Then they switched to a live action thing of a guy and his pet bear moving from bar to bar in lumberjack territory. Very uninteresting next to the cartoon bears.

I have probably told this story before--my son was passionately interested in Broadway musicals when he was a kid and kept coming home from the library with a CD of something he didn;t know. One night I'm sitting at my desk and vaguely working while vaguely listenig to his music--a show I wasn;t very familiar with, How to Succeed in Business w/out Really Trying. All of a sudden a very familar song comes on. "Hey!" I call out. "Why is there a beer commercial in this show?"

(It wasn;t a beer commercial, of course...still, "there is a brotherhood/Of Hamm's" is awfully close to "there is a brotherhood/Of Man" and I think the mistake was understandable.)