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I lived in Cleveland for a short time around 1970 and I remember the Stroh's ads running at the time. One I was fond of shows a bunch of fishing dorys bobbing around in the water. It comes in on a fisherman hauling in his dropline. He pauses a moment and his face lights up as he starts chortling. He hauls in a can of Stroh's hooked through its pull tab then hand to mouth starts calling to the other fisherman, "The Strohs are running! The Stro-o-ohs are running!"

The other shows an empty sand dune desert. Over the top of one files a British Colonel, about six Tommies, and an American airman. As they get close, the Colonel calls out, "All right, men, time for a break," and they flop down onto the sand, panting a bit. One of them says, "Hey, Yank, 'ow 'bout summa that Stroh's beer you been talkin' about?" The airman replies, "Sure!", reaches into his knapsack and hauls out... nothing -- his hand wrapped around an imaginary beer can. They open it up and drink it, extolling its virtues until the Colonel says, "Okay, men; drink up!" and they rise to their feet. As they march on, one of the Tommies shakes the now empty "can" and tosses it aside. His Sergeant chaffs him, "Pick that up! Don't want the Jerries to know we've been 'ere!" The guy stoops to pick it up, then hustles to catch up with the rest of the group as they disappear over a dune.

I looked for them on Youtube without success, but here's one in s similar vein.