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Originally Posted by Colophon View Post
You really can't see the curvature of the Earth from the height of an airliner. Not with the naked eye anyway.

The diameter of the Earth is almost 42 million feet. An airliner cruises at about 42,000ft maximum, that's only one thousandth of the diameter.

Slight tangent, but of course the horizon is totally flat on a globe. The "curve" you see from higher up isn't the curve of the Earth, it's just the curve of the perimeter of the flat circular horizon: same reason that a round kitchen table has a curved edge, even though it is flat.
But at 42,000 feet, we can see further than 42,000 feet ... I'm not saying it's easy to see the curvature of the Earth from altitude ... but I believe we can ...

Not sure what the "round table" analogy means ... put our eye at table level and the table top looks flat ... like the Earth ...