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Originally Posted by watchwolf49 View Post
But at 42,000 feet, we can see further than 42,000 feet ... I'm not saying it's easy to see the curvature of the Earth from altitude ... but I believe we can ...

Not sure what the "round table" analogy means ... put our eye at table level and the table top looks flat ... like the Earth ...
It's pretty marginal at that height. You can convince yourself you're seeing it. You can also convince yourself you're not. When it comes to "evidence" gathering by CTers and cranks, that's too ambiguous for them or the rest of us to rely on.

I have been to 50,000 feet exactly once for about 30 seconds. I've spent many, many hours at 42,000 in various conditions of sky and cloud and haze and day or night.

IME/IMO the difference between 42,000 and 50 is significant. At 50 the sky above is much darker and the horizon has a very distinct band of brown at the bottom, then light blue shading to dark blue, and not black, but a very late twilight deep blue above. The appearance of curvature changes, at least for me, from maybe 50/50 yes/no to more like 65/35. IOW I don't recall that it was utterly unequivocal, but it was strongly more likely than not.

I went up there specifically looking for the color and the curve, knowing it was probably a nearly once in a lifetime opportunity. So I was paying careful attention to what I saw.

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