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My favorite cheap beer is Burger. I believe it is one of the very few cheap beers that uses 100% barley (no corn or rice).
Do you mean Bergie! Exclamation point included. That was Hamms' "cheap beer"

When I was a kid, my uncle would bring by a six pack occasionally. Us kids would beg sips from all the adults. My father remarked, "all kids like beer". I remember it had plenty of hoppy bitters, but probably not aroma. I have it occasionally and find it better than all the American light lagers, especially better than Miller, PBR, and definitely the scab beer Coors. Yes, I know, there is no boycott anymore, but I want nothing to do with the Coors family, and you don't either if you have morals. BTW it is also better than Corona. I could never understand why anyone would drink that shit.