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Back about 1974 or so, I worked a couple of days as a casual at the Hamms brewery in San Francisco. There was a sensor on the packaging line which detected incompletely filled cans and blew them off the line with a blast of air. They were trash, but the tax man would not allow them to go directly into the bin. They had to be punctured first. To accomplish this, they set up a open-top 55 gallon steel drum and hung a steel hook over the edge with a sharp point facing up on the inside of the lip of the drum. My job was to take each can and slam it down on the point to puncture it. This is absolutely no shit. Of course, beer was flying everywhere. After a few minutes I didn't care anymore that I was soaked in beer. Why? Because at breaktime we went to the lunchroom, which was more like a barroom. There was a room length cooler along one wall. Help yourself! So yeah, beer on the outside, and beer on the inside. Some of the guys were pretty lit up by quitting time, but nobody seemed to care. I doubt if they do this anymore. The fuckin' lawyers probably put an end to it. Sigh.