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11.4 - Avalanche

Film : Avalanche
Episode : 201 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 012

Film Synopsis : Rock Hudson is a resort developer trying to reconcile with his ex-wife, Mia Farrow, and the mountainside of snow above them collapses under the weight of their leaden acting. One of the dullest selections of the new season.

Series and Episode Thoughts : This is a bad episode for Tom sounding like Jonah. They don't overdo the silhouette gags, and they creatively cover the bit of nudity in the film using one of them. It's a damn boring movie, but the riffers do a good job. (Seriously, who paid to sit through this in the 70's?) Note : produced by Roger Corman! The fact goes unnoticed.

Important Stuff : Max gets to do the 'nightmare fueled world' line. Ardy gets a few lines and drops some hints about what I assume is meta-plot to come. The Kinga video fluid process is described as lower-res than Standard Definition.

HS 1 : Crow and Tom are workshopping 'Mad Bots'; Kinga gets a call from Ardy in Moon 14, talking about 'downright supernatural manifestations'.

Invention Exchange : Jonah presents the mouth vacuum; Kinga and Max show off the Don LaFont-aine 3000, turning phrases into movie fonts. Once again, the Mads' part features some bubble splicing. (I wonder who keeps flubbing - Patton, or Felicia?)

HS 2 : The Bots admire Rock Hudson's predatory technique for getting the ladies, Jonah explains why it's bad.

HS 3 : Kinga's long distance cyber-boyfriend, a magician called Neville, visits and they chat - but not in person. It's Neil Patrick Harris, making for a nice Dr. Horrible reunion, as they serenade each other, and even Max joins in.

HS 4 : Jonah and the Bots attempt to exhaust the list of hybrid B-Movie titles (a la 'Sharknado') to curtail future filmmakers.

HS 5 : Gypsy puts on a little nightclub show, based on Rock Hudson's mother from the movie. Except for the strange puppet body hanging off of Gypsy for the segment, there's nothing here of interest. Worst host segment so far, and what the hell is Jonah doing with his hands the whole time?

Memorable Riffs :

There's a lot of good stuff here, and a lot of callbacks - both to the old show, and to the previous movie, Time Travelers, since our lunkheaded janitor now plays a bookkeeper named McDade.

(reacting to the title)
Tom : "Spoiler, geez."

Jonah : "I'm not forgetting you, Danny from the last movie."

Crow : "Diarrhea is like a storm, raging inside you." (classic riff)

Crow (?) : "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! .." honestly not sure which riffer said it, but the Flanders impression is good.

Crow : "Amazing how she can turn into a mist, just like a vampire, or Gwyneth Paltrow."

Tom : "We wanna hear California Lady!" (callback)

Jonah : "Is everything brown, or do I have retina damage?"

Crow : "It really says something that this avalanche has more emotional range than Mia Farrow."

Jonah : "Joe Don Baker?"

Crow : "Looks like I'm your dad now, how does the name Ryan strike you?"

(yellow 'siren' light on an emergency vehicle)
Jonah : "Oh, it's commercial sign!"
(cut to one of the Moon 13 not-commercials)

Tom : "When rock beats Rock, everyone wins."

Crow : "You look at it, I'm bitter." (classic riff)

And at the end, a lightning series of Trip Advisor review gags for the ruined resort that are all fantastic, and just keep getting funnier as they go.

Kickstarter Backers : Up to 'El Spectre'.

Stinger : Emergency vehicles smash the town on the way to the avalanche.