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Originally Posted by Dickerman View Post
You might want to check whether relocation is legal. Where I live it's legal to trap certain wildlife species (e.g., opossum), but you can only relocate to a location on the same property.
I have a rat problem and was going to say this same thing. Upon looking into humane options -- I love all animals, even nasty rats -- I decided to just hire a pro. You can get a humane trap at Home Depot or Lowe's or wherever, but laws are pretty strict about what you can and cannot do with the critter once you catch it. Depends on the critter, too, because certain critters carry diseases that other critters do not. I googled wildlife catch and release for my area and came up with a list of humane, Department of Wildlife-licensed professional companies who handle that sort of thing.

In fact, the rat-catching & relocating begins tomorrow.