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Originally Posted by Crafter_Man View Post
We've discussed this before. And I think there was a consensus that a modern nuclear bomb is the best answer.
I am not sure exactly what question we are answering here. If it means "best engineered", Voyager 1 gives just about anything a run for its money. It was launched in 1977, is now out of the solar system and still manages to transmit regular updates back home using a transmitter just about as powerful as a refrigerator light bulb (22.4 watts). It can also still respond to commands from Earth. That is just witchcraft in my opinion. It is expected to take care of itself because any serious failures are the virtual death of the deep space probe but it just keeps chugging along.

NASA even has a page to see where it is at any given time. Engineers can talk to it but it currently takes over 38 hours (at the speed of light) to send or receive a two-way signal but it will still happily do it using that refrigerator light transmitter and even take picture if you want it too (not that there is much to see in its current location). (to get a feel for the numbers, notice that the distance from the earth and sun look almost the same).

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