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Originally Posted by Ornery Bob View Post
I was watching one of the science shows and they called the Cassini probe "the most highly engineered object ever built" which sounded like fanciful writing to me....How would you even decide what to measure? Man-hours of engineering billed? Years in development? Innovations required?....
There is no single way to measure this, but a 22-core CPU chip with 7.2 billion transistors is one of the most complex, highly-engineered things ever made by mankind. They are much more complex than a 747 or Space Shuttle, in fact the Intel R&D budget required to facilitate these chips is several times that of Boeing:

The total semiconductor R&D budget is about $54 billion per *year*. Samsung's new fab costs $14 billion by itself.

19 new fabs were scheduled to begin construction in 2016 and 2017. From an investment and technology standpoint, it's like building the Manhattan Project Oak Ridge facilities every single year.