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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Wouldn't the fact that it's lasted so much longer than its designed mission suggest that it's poorly engineered? That probably means that they could have made it cheaper while still accomplishing all of their goals.
That's not really how engineering works. Designing a car to last 100,000 miles doesn't mean it will break down at 100,001.

It's more like, if you need a car to have a 100% chance of lasting 100,000 miles, regardless of driving conditions, weather, maintenance (or lack thereof), you really need to design it for 500,000. Plus all sorts of redundant and expensive automated systems to ensure that it will continue to run even if the owner never changes the oil and leaves it out in the snow.

If you just need a car with a 99% chance of lasting 100,000 miles, assuming regular maintenance and care, well, that's a much cheaper car.