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Babette's Feast is a Danish film about the preparation and consumption of a multi-course haute cuisine dinner by a bunch of dour Jutlanders and one Swedish gourmand, circa 1885. It is loosely based on a novella by Isak Dineson (Karen Blixen) of Out of Africa fame.
It turns out that the eponymous Babette Hersant was the head chef at Café Anglais before showing up in Jutland as a refugee.
I was living in San Jose when it came out and one of the chefs there offered a prix fixe duplicating the feast for $150, which was big bux at the time. The only concession to modern sensibilities was that the Cailles en Sarcophage (quail in puff pastry) had their heads replaced by pastry heads; the originals were served with their heads on so you could suck their br-a-a-a-ins.