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Originally Posted by Saintly Loser View Post
And they had smoking sections! The good old days. . .
Smoking sections? Folks who wanted to smoke just smoked in any old place, back then.

My parents weren't into Bond films, but I was. They were a thing, a popular one.

As others have noted, there were things back then called newspapers, which were widely available, and they had not only ads for coming attractions and lists of showtimes, but also reviews of movies, to help you decide which pic to see. The sunday edition of these newspapers usually carried extra info about the movie situation.

Duplex cinemas were just becoming a thing in the late 60's and early 70's. A movie house would have TWO SEPARATE THEATERS inside. It seemed extravagant, but it gave more choices. Some old move houses were refurbished to provide this same experience. There was some talk about building places with 3 screens, but that just seemed crazy.

Movies had trailers at the beginning, and also some cartoons. Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny were frequently featured. I even recall a few newsreels, but not real often anymore by the time my theater-going experience began.

They also had Drive Ins, but that's a whole separate experience. One I enjoyed a LOT more once I started dating.