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I went to movies a lot in the 70s-- not so much in the 60s. I was born in 1967. By the time I was going to PG movies in 1977, most theaters had banned smoking except in the lobby, because theaters were firetraps, and their insurance companies had made them ban it. Live show theaters had banned it even earlier, for the same reason. Drop a cigarette in those wooden seats and flammable cushions, and "FOOM!"

It was normal for theaters to regularly sell close to capacity, and for lines at the box office to be long. You still usually got to sit with your friends, but it was normal to be in close proximity to strangers.

They played previews, movies advertised on TV, and there were ads in the paper. As a courtesy, the paper also published a grid of all the theaters, and all the titles and times.

Malls a lot of times had duplexes, or even quadruplexes. A few large theaters had converted their balcony areas to second run houses, or lower demand movies ("art" or foreign films) but still showed the big films on the big screen.

Candy and soda was more expensive there than anywhere else, but it wasn't as outrageous as it is now.

If you put your feet on the back of the seat in front of you, an usher would come around and tell you to put them down. You'd do it, then put them right back up as soon as he left.

The floor was always sticky.

Going to a movie was glorious. It was so fun. We had B&W TV and got 7 channels. The movies were so much better than TV.