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Originally Posted by burpo the wonder mutt View Post
TV commercial for "Willard" (1971); scared the living shit out of me. It was actually scarier than the movie.

ETA: Note the rating (GP).

Here's the one that scared the hell out of me (Beyond The Door)

The first movie I remember seeing in a cinema was "Love Story", that was a big hit in 1970. From what I remember the floor sloped up and there were comfortable padded chairs that flipped up, but I don't think there were cup holders. I remember the big velvet curtains that swept open at the beginning. I don't think there was any smoking, I don't remember it anyway.

There were lots of movie trailers on TV, and ads and features in the paper. Similar to today, many actors turned up on talk shows to promote their movies. I think fan magazines were a bigger thing back then too.

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