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Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan View Post

You had 7 channels! We only had 4, and had to have someone stand by the TV to hold the antenna just right to get two of those!
We had seven - Ch. 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 - well, 13 was educational and didn't count, so six (this was N.Y.C.). I was almost electrocuted changing the channel on our Admiral portable B&W with a pair of pliers (the shock instead knocked me partway across the dining room).

Anyway, movies don't seem very different to me now compared to the period the OP is asking about. I think the first movie I saw on my own was The French Connection in a small theater in Times Square which had a brief but exciting glimpse of female nudity.* Also stimulating was the fact that some of the action took place in the same area where I went to high school.

*On screen, though nudity in the audience would not have been a shocker.

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