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Part of the question is to define "engineered". Engineering, if you take the idea across all the various domains that engineers work in, and try to distil the "engineeringness" out of them really come down to the application of domain skills, process, and knowledge, to make something that meets its specification.

Until the major problems that came to light at Takata, I would have nominated car airbags as one of the more highly engineered objects we see in daily life. Hundreds of millions of people drive every day with an explosive device right in front of their face. They depend upon this device to save them in the event of a crash, and depend upon it not to blow up in their face any other time. And there a probably of the order of a billion of them in the world. That requires serious engineering.

The precision spheres for the Gravity Probe B experiment and kilogram mass standard must rate some sort of honourable mention.