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The movie experience wasn't much different. Most theaters only had one screen, the theater might play only one movie for a week or two but often had different movies for early shows. Double features were shown also. The theaters I went to had more seats for that one screen. Some theaters had balconies. You could smoke, the seats had ashtrays. They showed trailers for upcoming movies. Snack bars at popcorn and candy, not as ridiculously priced as now. One theater in town didn't have a snack bar at all, they had a machine that sold lemonade in those drop down cups and and a candy vending machine. People were better dressed for the evening shows.

We had drive in movies also, there the snack bars offered lots of food, hot dogs, hamburgers, milk shakes and fries, some had playgrounds for kids, and seating areas for walk-ins. You usually paid by the person to get in so teenagers would hide in the trunk to get in cheaper. Once there people would get out of their cars and move around and mingle, drink, get in fights, and may not pay attention to the movie at all. There was a lot of sexual activity going on in the cars. My first job was working at a drive-in snack bar, short lived because I was only 14 and not supposed to be working. The food served there was disgusting but the customers didn't seem to mind. That theater and others in the area were soon showing porn at the late shows, and before long that's all some of them showed, it wasn't real XXX stuff, just stuff like Candy Stripe Nurses.