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In small towns, theaters at the time had one screen and one movie that ran two shows a night plus matinees on weekends. In larger cities, there were continuous shows all day.

In a city, there would be many theaters. Each would run a movie one week (unless it was a smash and held over).

Movies had a slow release. It would premiere in one theatre in the big cities, and expand out to more theaters as time went by. I lived in a rural area and it would take a month or more for our theatre to show them. Cities also had second-run houses that showed movies a couple of months after release. Few movies opened on thousands of screens.

The first multiplexes started showing up around 1970. Star Wars was the point of change. Before it, people saw a movie once and wouldn't pay full price to see it again. People went to see it multiple times, and studios started to make movies for that audience?
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