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Then there were driveins, oh, the driveins! Not usually first-run films, but double or triple features, lots of cartoons, lots of ads for the Salmonella Snack Bar, lots of necking in the front rows and fucking in the back rows. Playgrounds below the screen for kids before dusk. Strangely, family and fun-friendly.
Even if a drive-in ran an "A-list" movie, it was after the first-run houses were done with them. This was for two reasons. First, they didn't want to pay the higher rental price so they could keep their admission prices down. Second, the higher wattage, higher heat of a d-i projector lamp could "pillow" each frame on the print, making distributors reluctant to send a print that might have more life in it.

Absent a big film, they would show Poverty Row fodder or, especially in the late fifties/early sixties, American International releases. There is a reason so many of the latter have become targets of MST3K or RiffTrax. Even as a tyke, I could tell from the previews that an AI movie's quality was not on par from something by, say, Columbia, to say nothing of MGM or WB. Us kids not being teens at the time, we didn't see many AI releases, except for the Corman-Poe ones. I distinctly remember having the bejesuz scared out of me by The Pit and the Pendulum, especially the POV of that pendulum swinging back and forth.

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