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In 1950, the town I lived in had one movie theater. They would show two programs a week. One on Sun-Wed, the other Thur-Sat. S-W there would be two showings, at 7 and 9 pm, with a 2 pm matinee on Sunday. Thnn Th-Sa, a double feature, starting at 7, showing A-B-A. So that would be 156 titles a year, and I suspect I saw every one one of them, although we skipped the ones with a lot of kissing in them. Variably, there might be a Saturday matinee with kid-type shows. Kids paid 14c, over twelve paid 20c, adults 35c.

At 7oclock, the house lights wouold be turned down, the velvet curtain drawnn open, and a catoon woujld start. Fllowed by previews of coming attraction, and a fw ads. A special featur would show, to pad out the two yours before the 9pm showing. Like a travelogue or a short comi-drama or newsreel. Then the main picture. When it was over, we'd all stay to see the cartoon again at 9, then go home. Kids behaved themselves in the movies, because of the morbid fear that misbehavior would result in our dads being told about it. Everybody knew everybody.

I usually went with other kids. There were three other towns within a half hour drive, which had a total of 6 movie theaters, and my family would often drive to one of those, and have a burger or pie or ice cream afterwards, always in a sitdown storefront cafe, there were no drive ins.

The movies were a very socially homogenizing experience. For me, there wasn't much difference between going to a movie in Milwaukee, or Meadville Mississippi.

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