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11.5 - The Beast of Hollow Mountain

Film : The Beast of Hollow Mountain
Episode : 202 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 014

Film Synopsis : American rancher in Mexico is detested by his romantic rival. Really typical Western up until the last fifteen minutes, when an allosaurus in stop-motion tramples through the film.

Series and Episode Thoughts : Way too many sing-song gags that just don't scan. It's not a bad episode, but they were filmed out of airing order, and I'm going to guess this one was early in the rotation - the riffs in the first half of the movie often have the rushed quality seen in Reptilicus. There are also more classic riff recycles than in any of the other episodes that I recall - leaning more heavily on the old series stuff.

Important Stuff : I believe this has the debut of Crow's killer Morgan Freeman impression. It's really good.

HS 1 : Art day on the SOL. Tom's optic sensors are off, and Crow may by ready to enroll in art school.

Invention Exchange : Jonah presents the Disco Cannon; Kinga presents.. hot water? The gag is that the Titanic could have melted the iceberg with it, but she never names the invention.

HS 2 : The Bots brainstorm their own monster movies - Tom's is so depressing, Jonah begs for movie sign. Bubble Edit near the end.

HS 3 : The Beast of Hollow Mountain fashion line.

HS 4 : The Bots (or maybe not?) re-enact the weird festival from the movie, freaking out all the humans. ("Who must we kill to slake thy anger??" cries Max.)

HS 5 : Any movie is better with people eaten by dinosaurs - like My Dinner With Andre.

Memorable Riffs :

Tom : "That's impersonal, name your newborn son 'Guy'."

Jonah : "Establishing shot : The Motion Picture!"

Jonah : "Jim Henson's Magnum P.I. Babies!" (Classic riff form.)

Tom : "Watch out for snakes!" (Classic Riff)

Crow : "Mexican Walt Disney is pissed!"

Jonah : "I came here to kick butt and chew bubblegum, and bubblegum hasn't been invented yet."

Jonah : "Gymkata!" (Classic riff)

Tom : "Horatio Sanz IS The Fugitive!" (Classic Riff form)

Crow : "Was Pancho really worth four wet socks?"

Crow : "Now to hot-wire this horse!"

Tom (singing, a la the MST theme) : "But the cowboy didn't like him so he shot him in the face!"
Crow : "Meta!"

Crow : "Steve Pre-Prefontaine." (Classic riff)

Jonah : "Slowly, I turned - step by step, inch by inch." (Classic riff, and very old joke.)

Tom : "This is where the fish lives." (Classic riff.)

Kickstarter Backers : Up to 'Hundy Gunderson'.

Stinger : Poking the dino with a stick.