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Seeing how some of our drugs are derived from plants and herbs, A doctor could use those to treat some conditions. They wouldn't be as effective as an extract, but they'd still have some use. According to Dr. Wikipedia,
Many practices [of ancient Egyptian medicine] were ineffective or harmful. Michael D. Parkins says that 72% of 260 medical prescriptions in the Hearst Papyrus had no known curative elements

Which implies that 28% of the medical prescriptions did have curative elements.

Of the 260 prescriptions in the Hearst Papyrus, 28 percent contain an
ingredient which can be perceived to have had activity towards the condition being treated.

Setting broken bones, but I see you already listed that.

Sawing off gangrenous limbs.

Helping to remove guinea worm by wrapping them around a stick to get them out of the body.

There have been examples of teeth being drilled and filled in ancient times, as well as teeth being pulled.

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