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Originally Posted by AK84 View Post
Presumably either the Doc was from 1900BC or your memory really has faded. A Doctor in 1900AD had quite a lot of effective medication and diagnostic techniques. Quinine for pain. Carbolic acids for infection. Aspirin. Radiation therepy for cancer. Plus X Rays
Quinine is an anti-malarial, not a pain medication. (Though they did have Salicylic Acid and Opiates, but you'd need a doctor for neither of them, just a pharmacist.) Aspirin did exist at the time, but was still quite new (as in, Bayer didn't even think about mass-producing it until 1897.)

Carbolic acid is a disinfectant, like for cleaning surgical instruments, it's not something you take as a drug to treat infections. (It does have some use as a drug; it's the active ingredient (in small, dilute, doses) in throat spray.)

X-Rays and Radiation therapy were not widespread, again, they had just started to be used for medical applications at research hospitals. If we make the bold leap that his father wasn't practicing at a university hospital with access to a physics lab, those techniques would not have been available at all, if he even knew they existed.