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If I, as a modern Family Medicine physician, were transported back a few hundred years in time, I would bring a few useful skills back with me.

Mainly antisepsis in treating wounds. Just washing my hands and washing wounds with soap and water would save lots of lives. Particularly for compound fractures where bone fragments are exposed to open air. And certainly for childbirth.

Incising and draining abscesses would also resolve a lot of infections that would otherwise go on to cause many to sicken further, and often to die.

Using hollow needles to drain fluid accumulations outside the lung or in the abdomen could help in some cases.

If I could get coca leaves, I could make topical anesthetics, enabling me to do more careful and anatomically correct laceration and other injury repairs, which leads to better healing and less disability.

Just promoting better hygiene and boiling water before drinking it in my community would markedly reduce illness and death rates.

I'd also be helpful by not bleeding or purging patients. Or giving them poisons like mercury and other toxic compounds in vain pursuits to cure illnesses.

Promoting the use of condoms for contraception and disease prevention would also help the public health, if it didn't get me lynched.

Those are the most obvious advantages I'd have in comparison to the practices of other health professionals of the time.

Frankly, I wouldn't have a lot to offer from a pharmaceutical point of view. Pain control via coca or the tears of the poppy or hemp would be the most likely useful products. Aspirin is a bit of a bitch to extract. As are antibiotics.

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