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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
It's kind of funny, given your actual clientele, to think of you as "family practice".
We've had father/son pairs in prison at the same time before. And I've a handful of pregnant female patients. They're on buprenorphine for the duration of their pregnancy, and that takes special licensing which only I have in our system.

In addition I get called on juvenile patients at times, from our juvenile system.

But I must admit I don't do a lot of well child checks or birth control appointments anymore. I miss the kids, they were fun. The parents were often a PITA though.

Yeah, draining abscesses goes way back. But doing it with emphasis on antisepsis is what would improve my overall patient outcomes.

And I don't see myself making chloramphenicol or mercurochrome or gentian violet or penicillin based on what knowledge I carry in my head. Though if supplied with gentian root I suppose I could experiment a little.

Basically the biggest benefits I'd bring to bear would involve better hygiene and water and sewer arrangements, and not harming people with ineffective treatments.