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Originally Posted by Weisshund View Post
Well, if said Doctor could somehow collect the various known things from other areas
he might be in pretty good shape for his time, long as no one burns him for being a witch, heretic, unbeliever or what not to what ever deity is in charge.
Said doctor is going to need some world traveling ability though.
Would that help too much? I know there were times that one region was ahead of others (I would rather be treated by a Arab doctor than his European counter-part during the dark ages). But other than a few things where knowledge was more advanced (or possibly a general tendency to treat holistically rather than go poking around with dirty fingers) would it have made it much difference? The big things that made a difference (germ theory, antiseptics, anesthetics and antibiotics) were not AFAIK invented anywhere prior to the Europe in the modern age.