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Originally Posted by scr4 View Post
The story of the royal fistula seems relevant. To summarize: King Louis XIV (1638-1715) suffered from an anal fistula. Charles-François Felix, a barber-surgeon, was tasked to perform an operation. He asked for 6 months to prepare, during which time he experimented on 75 prisoners and peasants (many of whom didn't survive), then successfully treated the King. "The king was sitting up in bed within a month and was back on his horse within three months."
[Off Topic]Being familiar with the story, when I skimmed that link in the OP what leapt out to me personally was its claim that the instruments used are on display at Versailles. No, they're not - or at least they weren't when I saw them in the collections of the Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine on the Left Bank, about a decade ago. Googling to confirm led me to this post. Really does look as if one of these two pages is somewhat plagiarising the other. At least the second does get the current location of the instruments correct.
(Other links confirm they're still in the Paris museum, rather than Versailles.)[/Off Topic]