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Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan View Post

Basically the biggest benefits I'd bring to bear would involve better hygiene and water and sewer arrangements,
No running water. No functional sewage system. Takes an effort to boil water. Good luck with that.

Originally Posted by Broomstick
Folks, you certainly CAN do surgery without anesthesia. I don't know where you get this notion that no one removed anything from a human body before anesthesia. Lots of surgeons did lots of surgery before anesthesia.

It sucked if you were the patient, of course, and there would be several people holding you down so you did thrash too much, and surgeons got used to ignoring the screaming and got the job done as quickly as possible. But surgery did occur back in the old days. It helped often enough that desperate people continued to undergo it when necessary.
Opium and cannabis have been used as painkillers for centuries.