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Isaac Asimov: Professor of Biochemistry, prolific writer of science fiction, mysteries, and non-fiction, covering diverse subjects of science, history, religion, Shakespeare, poetry (well, limericks), etc. He was also well known as a populariser of science.

Richard Feynman: Nobel prize-winning Physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project. He also was a much beloved teacher at Caltech in the years I was present. He had art exhibits, he regularly played the Bongos in campus stage productions, he taught informal classes on safe cracking and lock picking, he was infamous for his practical jokes, and his physics lectures have been required reading at many schools. He also conducted (informal) research on psychedelic drugs, and was a critic of what he perceived as math illiteracy among biologists and social scientists (he claimed that the state of the soft sciences was a shambles due to a total misunderstanding of basic math and statistics by members of those fields). Before Sagan, he was THE science guy, the person who could take almost any scientific concept and put it into terms that even a layman could understand.

And oh yeah, he solved the mystery of the Challenger disaster shortly before his death from cancer.

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