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11.6 - Starcrash

Film : Starcrash
Episode : 203 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 012

Film Synopsis : The riffs say it better than I could : A community-theater production of Guardians of the Galaxy. Caroline Munro stars as a space pirate recruited for a dangerous mission to foil the evil plans of Darth Arn .. Zarth Vader.. er, Count Zarth Arn.

Series and Episode Thoughts : There's some good stuff here, and this is one of my favorites of the new season. There's a solid 'Get in my UFO' song that feels like it should have been a host segment, performed in the theater. (Written by Paul and Storm). I am getting a little tired of everyone's Andrew Dice Clay impressions, but Crow's great Morgan Freeman makes another appearance. Tom and Crow's hots for the oversized stop-motion fem-bot is pretty darn entertaining.

Important Stuff : During the invention exchange, the video from Moon 13 glitches and drops, prompting Max to put up the Kinga-Chrome 'technical difficulties' card. Also : Jerry Freakin' Seinfeld. Easily the biggest celebrity cameo the show has ever seen - until later this season.

HS 1 : Jonah and the Bots play Spin the Bottle.

Invention Exchange : Max models the 'Band-Eat-O', an expansion of the salsa sombrero; Jonah shows off the BB-Servo, briefly, before an offscreen visit by Disney's attorneys force Tom Servo to revert to his lovable fireplug self.

HS 2 : Crow's got a new screenplay, based on this movie and characters from Candyland : World War Space.

HS 3 : Jonah plays the role of Akton, who basks in the Bots' admiration before revealing even HE doesn't understand what his powers are supposed to be.

HS 4 : Jonah toys with giving Tom eyes, as Kinga and Max try to impress the galactic investor, Freak Masterstroke, played by Jerry Seinfeld.

HS 5 : The torpedo sketch, ladies and gentlemen! Jonah laughs as Count Zarth as Tom and Crow (and Tom and Crow) mock the chaos from the movie's climactic battle scene.

Memorable Riffs :

Crow : "Starcrash positions, everyone!"

Tom : "Augh, Space is so LOUD!"

Crow : "You go for hyperspace, I'm bitter." (classic)

Jonah : "When these special effects are done, it's gonna look really cool."

Jonah : (singing as Akton) "Believe or not, I'm not William Katt.."

Tom : "This music has convinced me. It's not a giant golden toilet."

Crow : "Are we in hyperspace, or are we looking at a screensaver?"

Crow : "And chili peppers burned its guts!" (callback)

Crow : "When Croods attack!"

(reacting to the gold mask that shoots lasers)
Tom : "Poomaman?"
Jonah : "Pyoomaman."
Crow : "Pyoo-may-mun." (Callback)

Jonah : (as Akton) "I can be humanlike!" (funnier in context, but he just nails the delivery)

And the extended series of gag ship names as they launch into the final battle, recalling the brilliance of Space Mutiny's Big McLargehuge.

Kickstarter Backers : I'm on this one! Alphabetically, it goes up to Jeremy Fallecker.

Stinger : Akton is delighted.