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Is there a name for this situation?

I'm thinking of a pattern that fits many situations where a problem exists, a solution is applied and fixes 99.9% of the problem, but the remaining part of the problem is seen as just a big of a problem as the original.

For example, every weekend I trim my beard over the bathroom sink. It makes a pretty big mess with all the cut hair. So I clean it up, getting every single hair I can find, and leave. My wife will come to me sometime later on bitching about there is hair all over the sink. Well, she didn't see the 99.99% of hairs I cleaned up, she sees 100% of the hairs I left. If she was with me while I cleaned up the original mess, she probably wouldn't bitch about the remaining hairs, but since all she sees is the hair I didn't clean up, she sees it as a big deal.

Anyway, is there a name for this effect?