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Originally Posted by igor frankensteen View Post
This thread certainly falls into the category of "missing the real point."

Nate: are you looking for what to call her griping, or what to call your failure to clean up completely after yourself, but think it should be okay with her?

What I see in this situation, is a woman who wants a clean sink, and a guy who wants her to be grateful that he didn't actually leave a deuce in it. So to speak.

I work fixing things for my paltry living. If I fix most of a machine, but the customer still can't use it, I don't expect them to be satisfied.
Yeah, the hair in the sink is just an example of this pattern. I think the closest idea in this thread to what I'm trying to describe is TruCelt's "New carpet syndrome".

From my perspective, replacing the carpet makes the room look pristine because it was such a big eye-sore to begin with. From someone with a fresh perspective of the room, they don't have the experience of the dramatic difference replacing the carpet made, so they see the crappy walls as the sore thumb.