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11.7 - The Land That Time Forgot

Film : The Land That Time Forgot
Episode : 204 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 012

Film Synopsis : World War 1 Era Germans and Brits succumb to the dull, plodding leadership of the one American among them as they discover a Land Before .. er, no, a Land Time Forgot. With cavemen and dinosaurs.

Series and Episode Thoughts : This one is the least of the new episodes, I think. I may revise that thought as I rewatch the back half of the season, but the movie just doesn't do a goddamn thing for me, and the riffing is somewhat tepid. It's not bad, mind you. Just .. meh. Totally saved by one of the best host segments of all time, though.

Important Stuff : Jonah calls for the 'Jetscreen' to show evidence of Kinga's perfidy. Ardy calls from Moon 14 about part of the movie that spilled - a segment of the Brits taking the submarine back from the Germans that was cut for time, presumably. There's only one novel on the SOL, and it's a John Grisham.

HS 1 : It's Gypsy's Birthday! And Tom's and Crow's, technically..

Invention Exchange : Jonah's got M. Night Shyamalan Living Magazine; Kinga produces the Elder Pump and the gang catches her and Max stealing invention ideas from their riffs.

HS 2 : The gang is playing U-Boat, which Gypsy hates. They're so convincing that they momentarily attract a space squid that attacks the SOL.

HS 3 : The best Host Segment yet. Moon 14 Mesozoic Ranch Dinosaur BBQ, with a goddamn earworm of a jingle and a spirit that invokes Mike's Bold 'Rick-o-SHAY' BBQ sauce. "Flame-broiled Deep-fried Crime Against Nature ... Moo-oon Fourteen!"

HS 4 : Crow is concerned about when he'll turn human. So Jonah 'disables' that function for him.

HS 5 : Inspired by the film, Jonah sends a rambling message in a bottle. Predictably, Max is the one who finds it.

Memorable Riffs :

We get two Hikeeba's, and a couple of Blank AS Blank IN the Blank Story gags. There's also a good running gag about the British officer, Mr. (Milton) Bradley. And we get Crow's Morgan Freeman impression. (And sadly, a couple of Andrew Dice Clay lines..)

Tom : "Hi, I'm Doug McClure. You might remember me from such films as.."

Jonah : "Finally, me Pringles arrived."

Crow : "And they say there's no application for the Oculus Rift."

Jonah : "All these guys are cosplaying as the same Tintin character."

Jonah : "It's a good thing water kills Germans on contact."

Tom : "It's Dirty Debbie Harry."

Jonah : "Oh, no, it's going under the wall! The Night's Watch will never see this coming!"

Crow : "I've got a visual on something living in a pineapple under the sea."
Tom : "Take the shot."

Crow : "Now THAT's a Paleo diet."

Crow : "Jim Henson's Lou Ferrigno Babies!" (classic riff style)

Jonah : "If this takes any longer, the dinosaurs are gonna evolve into birds and fly away!"

Jonah : "Watch out for snakes." (callback)

Tom : "Grant Wood's 'Land That Time ForGot-hic.'"

Kickstarter Backers : Up to Justin Bodeutsch.

Stinger : Ahm vs. Pterodactyl.