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11.8 - The Loves of Hercules

Film : The Loves of Hercules
Episode : 205 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 005

Film Synopsis : Wow, they found another Hercules movie! I'm really not sure how tight the continuity on the Herc series is supposed to be, but in this one, he fights a puppet monster and a guy in an animal suit, and meets a disposable love interest, played by Jayne Mansfield. So I suppose it fits .. literally anywhere in the canon.

Series and Episode Thoughts : Okay, you know what? I take it back. This episode is even better than Starcrash. Watching it a second time let me really soak it in, and the riffing is great, and the movie's kind of ridiculous on its own, thanks to Mickules's accent. This episode also felt a lot lighter on the callbacks to the original era, despite it being a Herc movie.

Important Stuff : Jonah debuts new bot M. Waverly in Host Segment 4.

HS 1 : Jonah and the Bots binge their favorite show, Wings.

Invention Exchange : Servo presents the Fried Turkey Dunk Tank, Kings tries to debut the Mexican Jumping Beanbag Chair, but Max has fouled it up.

HS 2 : Inspired by the movie, the People's Throwing Court.

HS 3 : The Bots have a lively debate about the ecology of the hydra, and monsterism vs. heroism, as Jonah protects his cereal.

HS 4 : Jonah and the Bots are gossiping Greek gals, and M. Waverly wanders in as a wisecracking centurion. Tom and Crow are NOT pleased.

HS 5 : Everyone continues the weird vocalizing from the end of the film. It's creepy, in a way.

Memorable Riffs :

There's a running gag when anyone in the movie says "Speak!" that Jonah and the Bots go "Arf!" - it's pretty good. Everyone mocks Herc's accent, but Crow's impression is notably the best. It's like.. Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to do Peter Lorre. Or vice versa.

Tom : "The Loves of Hercules : A Greco-Romantic Comedy."

Tom : "Nobody likes Vogon poetry."

Crow : "In the name of my tiny nipples!"

Jonah : "Why isn't she returning any of his serves?"

Jonah : "Time for go to bed." (classic riff callback)

Jonah : "Classic RPG move, loot the bodies."

Crow :"Thanks, Expositia!"

Jonah : "My God, it's a society founded on Busby Berkley musicals!"

Crow : "911 is a joke! Flava Flavius was right."

Tom : "Ow, my stomach-back!"

Jonah : "This Crate and Barrel delivery guy is super aggro."

Kickstarter Backers : Up to Lucas Neil.

Stinger : Herc is daintily dazed by the hydra - or had a little too much ambrosia.