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11.9 - Yongary, Monster From the Deep

Film : Yongary, Monster From the Deep
Episode : 206 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 008

Film Synopsis : It's Godzilla, with a horn. His name rhymes with 'dungaree'. And there's an annoying kid with an itch ray who ends up being instrumental in saving the day. It's noteworthy for the gruesome death scene at the end, though!

Series and Episode Thoughts : This is a solid outing, and the riffing is good, but there's too much of the silhouette mucking-around for my personal tastes. And - holy crap, that is the most gruesome kaiju death I have ever seen. Yongary actually seems to void his bowels in bloody fashion as he breathes his last.

Important Stuff : No real introductions of new information or concepts. One bubble edit in host segment three.

HS 1 : Jonah and the Bots have a dream journal meeting.

Invention Exchange : Jonah presents TinyDesk - for rage flipping without wrecking your stuff. Kinga presents a strategic partnership with Hitler Coffee - which seems less like an invention and more like an excuse to do a cheap Hitler mustache gag, but hey, it's fun.

HS 2 : Jonah muses on the musical preferences of various space explorers.

HS 3 : Tom's Yongary Nights disco is a hit.

HS 4 : Jonah and the Bots discuss their ideal monster pals, if they were precocious children.

HS 5 : Jonah and the Bots sing 'Push Past the Hurting', reflecting on the gruesome death of Yongary.

Memorable Riffs : Not too many classic callbacks in this one, other than the Mole People nod, and an 'I'm huge!'. The Capsule running gag is pretty funny.

Crow : "The center lane is for newlyweds only."

Tom : "Problem Child 4 : He's Korean Now."

Jonah : "The first joint Korea / Zebra space launch."

Crow : "Wow, the mole people are really blazing it up."

All : "CAPSULE!"

Jonah (pretending to read sign) : "'No earthquakes allowed'? That'll do it."

Jonah (reacting to flashing lights in the movie) : "We got movie sign!"
(he and the Bots get up and start to run towards the edge of the theater)

Tom : "How did Dad do it? At this rate, I'll never die of overwork."

Crow : "He shows no mercy! Or interest."

Tom : "Like a Mothra to a flame."

Kickstarter Backers : Up to Michael N. Butera.

Stinger : Yongary busts a move.