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11.10 - Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

C'mon, guys, if you don't respond there's less motivation for me to do this in a timely fashion.

Film : Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
Episode : 207 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 004

Film Synopsis : Deathstalker, Junior. I mean, I know it sounds flip, but this is the platonic ideal of a shitty 80's fantasy movie for kids. It even has Thom Christopher and a lot of the music cues from Deathstalker 3.

Series and Episode Thoughts : One of my favorite episodes of the new season, right up there with Starcrash and the Loves of Hercules. Just solid riffing throughout.

Important Stuff : Host Segment One teases some set-up for the season finale. Segment Four has the return of viewer mail! .. Somehow.

HS 1 : Max is writing in his diary. He has apparently found a key that gives him access to a giant robot snake 'friend'.

Invention Exchange : Jonah presents Verbal Smoke Bombs, for escaping conversations. Kinga monetizes time itself with the Sponsor Clock.

HS 2 : Jonah and the Bots debate Kor's epithet, 'the Conqueror'.

HS 3 : A musical number, 'the Magic Inside of You', about Tom's coming of age as a budding necromancer.

HS 4 : Viewer mail!

HS 5 : The Suicide Cavern playset.

Memorable Riffs :

There's a series of riffs about Thom Christopher's hat, that Jonah and the Bots have anthropomorphized as 'Crabby' that are pretty good.

Jonah : (at the title) "How do you lose a whole kingdom?"

Crow : "It's like The Lord of the Rings without all the fancy good stuff."

Jonah : "Prepare to face the wrath of Fat Sting!"

Tom : "Walt Disney Presents : The Sword in the .. Tree."

Jonah : "She led him to the patio store?"

Tom : "Patrick Duffy IS Greg Brady IN Julius Caesar." (classic style riff)

Jonah : "And puberty blooms for Snuggles the fabric softener bear." *

Crow : "With Margaret Dumont as the Black Knight."

Tom : "Wizard of Speed and Time of the Lost Kingdom!"

Crow : "Apparently, Ovaltine is way harder to swim in than regular water."

Crow : (regarding the arrival of the gnome wizard) "He's literally too little, too late."

* Seriously, this may be the best riff of the new season, if you're paying attention to the hand motions of the white furry thing.

Kickstarter Backers : Up to Paul Mahling.

Stinger : Thom Christopher fumes after the Pool of Knowledge explodes.