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11.11 - Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II

Film : Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II
Episode : 208 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 007

Film Synopsis : If WotLK was Deathstalker, Junior - then this is its younger, Billy Carter-esque sibling. The two movies have nothing to do with one another, apart from the title. Here, our young wizard journeys through three lands to reclaim the powers of creation from evil wizards, encountering padding in the form of clips from other, better fantasy movies along the way. It is also, allegedly, a comedy.

Series and Episode Thoughts : The setup for the finale continues to take shape, and we get another visit from the previous Mads crew.

Important Stuff : Ardy spots a movie spill - footage of David Carradine fighting the monstrous Guardian. (From The Warrior and the Sorceress, originally, I guess.) We get a little more insight into Pearl's clone, Synthia.

HS 1 : It's raining outside the SOL.

Invention Exchange : Jonah presents the emoji version of Cliff Notes - GIF Notes! (Note the correct pronunciation - 'Jiff'). Kinga presents fluffy creatures who just want to be kicked - Punt Bunnies!

HS 2 : The Dark One's Renaissance Inn and Grille Franchise video.

HS 3 : You Might Be a Crummy Wizard If..

HS 4 : Pearl and the gang visit as Kinga worries about ratings. Brain Guy gets one of the best lines in the episode - he points out Kinga can't marry one of the robots, that's still illegal, scoffing "And they call this the not-too-distant future!"

HS 5 : Healing the pain of bad movies, with good movies.

Memorable Riffs :

Jonah : "Goodnight, moon - forever."

Crow : "Hell's bells, it's Mel Welles."

Crow : "Bobby Fischer IS Renegade." (classic style)

Tom : "Kung Fu : The Insults Continue."

Caedmon : "Shut up and just act interested in things."
Crow : "Is he talking directly to us?"

Crow : "Time for go to bed." (callback)

Jonah : "It's like if the Hunger Games was set in the medieval 80's."

Tom : "Gulfax, no!" (callback to the previous movie)

Tom "Samurai Manos?" (callback)

Jonah : "He's regenerating!"

Tom : "I guess Tyor run Bartertown now."

Crow : "You're the wizard, now, dog."

Kickstarter Backers : Up to S. Chavera and C. Singh.

Stinger : A near-fatal spinach overdose. Alternate joke : Stretch arm strong.